Free Website Audit

It is very important to check the ongoing progress of the website in terms of its architecture, speed, and other technical glitches including potential security problems, untapped opportunities, etc. Tech Mushrooms offers a free website audit to the customers to get them aware of the potential performance gaps on their website. We scrutinize each factor and identify grey areas that might be causing any performance issues and influencing its success. The audit report also exhibits new opportunities for Key Performance Indicators and highlights all the vulnerabilities to security violations.

Our audit report highlights the following:

  1. Configured Extensions Inventory – including those that are currently running on the store or that is just a part of legacy code
  2. List of Current Code Customizations and Integrations – depicting areas that might be causing issues or affecting the website’s performance
  3. Action Plan – involves complete roadmap to fix the issues according to the best quality standards for the e-commerce industry